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Looking for a Natural Solution to Lower Your Blood Sugar? 

Have you ever unexpectedly discovered you’re in the pre-diabetic range without prior symptoms?

You’re not alone.

This silent threat affects many, with two out of three adults globally remaining undiagnosed—and Nigeria has the highest rate in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The  BIG question is: Are YOU one of them?

You can never tell as 80% of pre-diabetic adults show NO symptoms.

And if this progresses there are chances you’re on your way to becoming a Type II Diabetic patient for life with higher risk of developing other complications like chronic kidney disease, neuropathy and other cardiovascular disease such as hypertension, cognitive decline affecting memory, obstructive sleep apnea.

But do not FEAR! –there’s a way out! 

Not only can you save yourself from this life threatening disease, it can be successfully MANAGED – and sometimes reversed.


Prediabetes Support+
Natural Supplement

This all-natural, safe, and effective solution helps your body combat Type II diabetes from its earliest stages. Developed to meet Health Canada’s stringent quality standards, this formula is affordable, accessible, and backed by extensive research and scientific evidence.

It helps you to:

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Optimal Glucose Control

Harness the power of 8 clinically studied ingredients for unmatched glucose management, thanks to our meticulously selected blend of natural ingredients, ensuring your blood sugar levels stay balanced, promoting a sense of well-being and vitality.

Holistic Health Support

From weight management to cardiovascular health, experience a holistic boost to your wellbeing.

Our formula also supports heart health and reduces inflammation, addressing common concerns associated with pre-diabetes and Type II diabetes, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your wellness.

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It was like an endless struggle until I came across Canadian Pure Prediabetes Support this regulated my Sugar level.


When I saw the advert online, I was thinking it is all these fake products that will further damage my health but I gave it benefit of the doubt, bought it and never regretted.


In almost a month I noticed benefits and can see the effects on my glucose level! I’ll be recommending this to my friends.

How Does It Work?

Your twice-daily dose of Prediabetes support+, with the right help and guidance towards a healthier lifestyle, including an improved diet & exercise regimen, will help you fight Prediabetes through various mechanisms and prevent it from progressing further, and in some cases reversing it completely. You can expect to see tangible results within 3 to 6 months.

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Canadian Pure Prediabetes Support+ was formulated by experts to help slow down and maybe even help reverse the symptoms of Prediabetes. It was Doctor-formulated and is Doctor-recommended.

We want to reassure you, you’re getting a quality natural supplement that works!

But if for any reason, after 60 days you are not seeing positive results, please don’t hesitate, and quickly get in touch with us.

We’ll refund the amount you paid for the product (minus shipping & handling charges).

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Frequently Asked Question

While an unhealthy lifestyle and being overweight can put you at risk of developing Prediabetes there are also several other factors that can increase your risk. These include; if you are 45 years or older, you have a parent or sibling with type 2 Diabetes, you have ever had gestational Diabetes or if you don’t take part in regular exercise. Regular exercise includes being physically active at least three times a week.

Many natural supplements have been well-researched in their ability to manage insulin resistance and Prediabetes. It is essential, however, to choose those that have proven ability to do so. Many supplements on the market may contain undesirable compounds, while you can be guaranteed that the Canadian Pure Prediabetes Support+ includes only the best and most important ingredients to help you to improve insulin sensitivity and lower your blood sugar levels.

While natural supplements can help you to improve your health and reverse Prediabetes, they are best used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Medication for Type 2 Diabetes is often only given when changes to your diet and increased exercise have failed to have the desired results. You should never come off of medication without consulting your healthcare provider.

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