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Are you concerned about your early stage Diabetes symptoms?

Blood Sugar
Insulin Sensitivity

Canada’s #1
Prediabetes Support Supplement

Prediabetes Support+
Natural Supplement

Safe and effective advanced formula with
8 powerful clinically studied ingredients
designed to help you fight the early
symptoms of Type II Diabetes, by helping to:
  • Regulate and improve blood sugar levels.
  • Regulate your cravings for a quick snack to prevent weight gain.
  • Prevent the progression to Type II Diabetes.
  • Repair your pancreas to overcome insulin resistance.
  • Fight against inflammation of the body and reduce free radical damage.


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How long does it take to develop into Type II Diabetes?

Prediabetes is a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than
normal, but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as Type II Diabetes.

Prediabetes can take up to ten years to develop into full-blown Type II Diabetes.


Canadian Pure Prediabetes Support+

8 unique mechanisms of action.
2X per day with a meal.

One of the only Prediabetes supplements specially formulated to not only provide you
with the right, safe, and effective compounds, but is also designed to deliver to you the
right amounts at the right time.
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Sugar-Free
  • Preservative-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Shellfish-Free
  • Made in Canada
Your twice-daily dose of Prediabetes support+, with the right help and guidance towards a healthier lifestyle, including an improved diet & exercise regimen, will help you fight Prediabetes through various mechanisms and prevent it from progressing further, and in some cases reversing it completely. You can expect to see tangible results within 3 to 6 months.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back.

Canadian Pure Prediabetes Support+ was formulated by experts to help slow down and maybe even help reverse the symptoms of Prediabetes. It was Doctor-formulated and is Doctor-recommended.

We want to reassure you, you’re getting a quality natural supplement that works!

But if for any reason, after 60 days you are not seeing positive results, please don’t hesitate, and quickly get in touch with us.

We’ll refund the amount you paid for the product (minus shipping & handling charges).

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After all, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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While an unhealthy lifestyle and being overweight can put you at risk of developing Prediabetes there are also several other factors that can increase your risk. These include; if you are 45 years or older, you have a parent or sibling with type 2 Diabetes, you have ever had gestational Diabetes or if you don’t take part in regular exercise. Regular exercise includes being physically active at least three times a week.

Many natural supplements have been well-researched in their ability to manage insulin resistance and Prediabetes. It is essential, however, to choose those that have proven ability to do so. Many supplements on the market may contain undesirable compounds, while you can be guaranteed that the Canadian Pure Prediabetes Support+ includes only the best and most important ingredients to help you to improve insulin sensitivity and lower your blood sugar levels.

While natural supplements can help you to improve your health and reverse Prediabetes, they are best used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Medication for Type 2 Diabetes is often only given when changes to your diet and increased exercise have failed to have the desired results. You should never come off of medication without consulting your healthcare provider.