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This option allows all company generated stubs to be standardized and neatly stored. Your HR still needs to go over the paycheck stubs and to make sure they have correct and accurate information and figures.

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For employees, pay stubs serve as proof of income when applying for a loan or leasing a new apartment. Since the document contains a detailed breakdown of the worker’s income, lenders can see clearly how much they bring home each payday. This makes it Free Pay Stub Creator easier for lenders to conduct risk assessments and arrive at a decision. A pay stub is also referred to as a paycheck stub or pay slip, so don’t be surprised if you hear these terms when requested to provide specifics of an employee’s compensation.

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There are many different ways to create your own pay stub, each catering to different needs. Then, after you fill out the Deductions section, you’ll see the total deductions calculated too. Immediately after, you’ll see the gross amount automatically calculated. Finally, you’ll see the Net amount automatically calculated in the Total column. I’ve worked for newspapers, magazines and various online platforms as both a writer and copy editor. I cover various small business topics, including technology, financing and marketing on and Business News Daily.

  • The amount is solely based on what the employee has filled out in the W-4 form at the time of employment.
  • Generate pay stubs that are accurate and compliant easily today.
  • Your employer will notice some crucial information missing on the pay stub in question.
  • The part of the pay subject to taxation is the taxable wage.
  • In any company, a payroll professional must account for a lot of variables to ensure accurate pay stubs among others are produced.

There will also be a list of any contributions to retirement plans, pensions or health insurance premiums that are automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck. Most states that require employers to give employees pay stubs have rules saying that the documents must have standard pay stub information. Generally, this means they include the beginning and end dates of the pay frequency; gross wages; taxes, deductions, and employer contributions; and net pay. The information you must include on a paycheck stub can also vary by state.

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Businesses worldwide create pay stub documents on the go with the ease of mind that the pay stub documents will be generated correctly, neatly, and accurately for their employees. Creating online pay stub documents grants you the freedom to fill in current or previous company information, as long as it is accurate. This can immensely help contractors and individuals with side jobs and gigs to keep track of their side company dollars.

Free Pay Stub Creator

Creating paycheck stub forms for your business can now be streamlinedand the best part is that you can generate a pay stub online in minutes. A pay stub is an official document produced by a company to establish exactly how much money an employee or freelancer has made during a specific pay period. Employee check stubs can be issued in either printed or electronic format to get your stub instantly. While there are some solid free paystub generator options, there are far more paid options. Generally, companies charge per pay stub, or they provide a bundle of pay stubs for a certain cost. The right pricing model for you depends on your business’s needs and volume. Also, you should only sign up for one of these generators if you’re processing payroll on your own.


Generating pay stub is very important for both organization and their employees. Good Pay stub mentions the complete information about the income and taxes. So having a good pay stub is very important for all the employees as an individual. There are number of pay stub samples available over the internet and as a wise customer you can easily filter out the good ones. An efficient pay stub is a time saver if it automatically includes basic information like company, employee, income and deduction. Stub Creator includes all this facility and additionally includes company logo, state wise tax, marital status , number of exemptions and required number of pay stubs.

Landlords or real estate agents will often ask for employee pay stubs to make sure that the individual asking to rent, can afford timely payments without delay. Some complexes or rental agencies will require several weeks’ worth of paystubs or pay stubs online.

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Pay stubs for gross wages should contain at least the minimum information, though your state may require more. Workers must understand if gross wages are calculated using an annual salary number, or based on hours worked in a given pay period. Contractors, by definition, are not employees and do not have taxes withheld from pay. These workers receive 1099s at the end of the year, which verify income received from a client. For employees, the most important function of pay stubs is record keeping. You can then easily share with employees, banks or other financial institutions.

How do I use ADP for payroll?

  1. Set Up an ADP RUN Account. When it comes to setting up an account, ADP RUN shines compared to other payroll services because it does the setup for you.
  2. Sign In & Click Run Payroll.
  3. Resolve Timecard Issues.
  4. Enter Overtime or Vacation.
  5. Enter Contractor Information.
  6. Approve Payroll.
  7. Review the Confirmation Screen.

Additional employer contributions may be made by you, such as contributing to the insurance premiums of your employee’s retirement plan or saving plan. Both the individual pay period earnings and the YTD earnings are gross pay. Yes we offer two main types of templates, and unlimited choices of colors. Simply look for the ‘Customize Template & Color’ link under the preview on desktop. On mobile the customization options are already open directly under the preview. Unemployment programs are funded by the FUTA tax and the SUTA tax .

Your personal data is 100% secure & private when creating documents with Form Pros. Year-to-date wages or YTD wages are the total money earned by the employee so far for the year, and the YTD deductions are the total money deducted for the year. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your App Store account settings after purchase.

Free Pay Stub Creator